Man Diagnosed With Rare Breast Cancer Developed Menopause-Like Symptoms; Know The Early Signs

A person within the U.Okay. who was identified with stage 2 breast most cancers says the remedy medication gave him menopause-like signs, together with sizzling flushes and extreme dizzy spells.

Mark Nock, a former nurse from Birmingham, was identified with breast most cancers in 2018. He seen a lump on his chest when a colleague by chance spilled water on his uniform.

“The second I felt that lump I knew what it was, I am unable to clarify it, I simply knew. My lump was apparent, I may really feel it by the thick tunic, and it felt like a thick rubber polo mint,” the 61-year-old man stated.

He then underwent a full mastectomy that includes surgical removing of the breast, together with the nipple, areola and the pores and skin over the breast. After the process, medics prescribed him hormone remedy to assist cease estrogen from binding to the breast most cancers cells.

“The kind of breast most cancers I had is estrogen optimistic. Lots of people suppose estrogen is a ladies’s hormone and testosterone is male however everybody has each. The remedy is equivalent in women and men, requiring a full mastectomy and the identical medicine,” Nock stated.

Nevertheless, the remedy medication gave him menopause-like signs, together with sizzling flushes, extreme dizzy spells and morning illness. He ultimately took early retirement because the signs bought worse.

“Breast most cancers could be very uncommon in males – the remedies are the identical, and I used to be prescribed Tamoxifen. These medication have barely been examined on males and are designed for ladies’s hormone stability, so I used to be a little bit of a lab rat,” Nock stated, reported Wales On-line.

5 years after the dreadful prognosis, Nock is now most cancers free. He now raises consciousness and encourages each women and men to get checked for breast most cancers.

Male breast most cancers

Though breast most cancers is extra typically present in ladies, males can also develop the illness. It’s estimated that one out of each 100 breast most cancers circumstances reported within the U.S. is present in a person. Male breast most cancers is extra frequent in older males, though it will probably happen at any age.

Who’s prone to getting it?

  • Males below the age of 35 are much less more likely to develop breast most cancers. The chance goes up with the age. It’s often seen in males between the ages of 60 and 70.
  • Males who’re overweight are at greater threat.
  • The chance is excessive if there’s a household historical past of breast most cancers.
  • Males who’ve enlarged breasts or gynecomastia are at a better threat of creating breast most cancers. Gynecomastia happens because of getting older, hormone remedies, sure drugs and infections.
  • The chance is excessive if an individual has a historical past of radiation publicity to the chest.
  • Sure illnesses or accidents that have an effect on testicles can enhance the chances of breast most cancers in males.
  • People with uncommon genetic circumstances like Klinefelter syndrome are at greater threat. Klinefelter syndrome happens when an individual has an additional X chromosome, which results in greater ranges of estrogen within the physique.

Early indicators to be careful for

The signs are related in women and men.

1. A lump or thickening within the breast or the underarm space

2. Modifications within the dimension or form of the breast

3. Modifications to the breast pores and skin, together with indicators of dimpling, puckering, redness, or scaling

4. Modifications to the nipple resembling redness, scaling and nipple turning inward

5. Nipple discharge

6. Ache within the nipple space


The remedy for male breast most cancers is determined by the dimensions of the tumor and the extent of the unfold. It contains surgical removing of the breast, chemotherapy, radiation remedy, hormone remedy and focused remedy.

It’s estimated that 1 out of each 100 breast most cancers circumstances reported within the U.S. is present in a person.
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